Everybody Needs a Second Skin, It's a Jungle Out There!

Our Story

Ua Mau ke Ea o ka ʻĀina i ka Pono
The Life of the Land is Perpetuated in Righteousness


Second Skin Organics is on a Mission to Decrease the usage of toxic chemicals on our island, in our homes, in our communities and ON OUR BODIES!

We can accomplish this by investing into Sustainable Organic Solutions that are Safe, Effective, and Biodegradable. We work in alignment with Nature to create Harmony and Protect Our fragile Ecosystem along the way. 

In 2001, I began formulating the ‘Original’ Hawaiian Jungle Shield in a measuring cup in my kitchen. I was pregnant at the time and had a 4 year old and I was literally getting eaten alive. I couldn’t enjoy being outdoors and most of Kauai’s beautiful Jungle rainforest, was off limits.

Through creating this formula, I was given FREEDOM. The Freedom to enjoy my garden, being outdoors for extended periods of time, without a second thought of the now invisible little monsters that had previously ruled my existence.

Since its inception, Second Skin Organics has helped over 100,000 families to also experience the Freedom I was able to create for myself, and in turn, provide for you.  

Thank You to each and EVERY SINGLE ONE of You; for sending me Testimonials and Photos from around the Globe and given us 5 Star Ratings on our Facebook page, IT LITERALLY means the World to us! 

As we RELAUNCH our brand, we have relocated production to an Amazing New Manufacturing Partner in the Pacific Northwest that is importing our extracts and producing our products for us, and we couldn’t be happier! AND THE BEST NEWS EVER, We are Launching on AMAZON in the Spring!

We have also recently partnered with an Organic Superfoods Manufacturer out of Southern California and we couldn’t be more thrilled! Please check out the CBD+ 1500mg, Beauty Inside Out, and Organic Superfoods Pages. 

You will Save $50 (on orders of $75 or more) and up to 25% on any products including;

CBD+ 1500mg, Daily Core 4 Nutrition, Biome Medic Glyphosate Detox, Organic Juice Bar in a Bag or 40 Day Ultimate Superfood Nutrition Programs.

Check out the affiliate link here: bit.ly/superhumanfuel

You can Save up to 25% on any products at ishoppurium.com or puriumcbd.com with our referral code: shiftrx


WHOLESALE BUYERS: For all Preexisting Retail Outlets

We are open for business at secondskinorganics.com and accepting preorders for 2oz. cases Hawaiian Jungle Shield for a projected April delivery. 

Thank You again for all the Love and Support over the years, we look forward to 2020 as being the BEST YEAR EVER!

“Never Doubt That a Small Group of Thoughtful, Committed Citizens Can Change the World; Indeed, It’s the Only Thing That Ever Has.”


Raven CJ Liddle

Founder and Chief Science Officer